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Please Help Us Locate These Kids!

“We are like islands in the sea, separate on the surface but connected in the deep.”

― William James

One of the key words to describe the many missions of SEA2C is "CONNECTIONS". The Social Media Influence Division of SEA2C is very instrumental in making connections happen. We need your help! PLEASE share this EVERYWHERE you can! Impossible is nothing!

This past Veterans Day weekend we had the honor of attending the "Marble Mountain 50th Anniversary Reunion" for the USMC Helicopter Squadrons, HMM/VMM-263, HMM/VMM-364 and HMM/VMM-262. During this event we were approached by a Veteran that handed us this small stack of six photographs. These were photographs that he took in 1970 of orphans believe to be in the Crescent Bay Orphanage on the north side of DaNang Bay. He shared with us that he had been holding on to these photographs for 50 years in hopes that he would meet someone that could help him locate where some of these kids may be today. When he learned that 3 Vietnam War orphans would be guests at this event, he brought the photos to give to us with the hopes that we could somehow help find out what became of these kids. What we have learned in our journey is that several service members like this Marine that volunteered their time to help care for us orphans during the war, have been haunted since the war ended in 1975. They have been haunted by not knowing what became of the thousands of children like us that were orphaned by that war. "Did they make it out? Were they killed? Are they still alive in Vietnam?" These are the questions they have painfully asked themselves for decades.

But, now, 50 years later they have found healing in meeting us and other orphans like us who were lucky enough to be adopted out to countries around the world. They have found peace in knowing that some of us not only survived, but many have created a good life for ourselves and our loved ones. These connections are a large part of coming full circle in these journeys for us and the Veterans and to bringing closure and an end to the pain that these service members have lived with for most all of their adult lives.

Please review these photos and let us know if you recognize anyone, or yourself. It would be an honor and a blessing to this Marine to know that the very same orphan kids that he cared for and was forced to abandon are doing alright today, and for him to know that all was not lost in the war. Thanks in advance for any help anyone can provide in this!

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