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"The Marble Mountain 50th Anniversary Reunion"

This Veteran's Day, we had the distinct honor of being invited to the "Marble Mountain 50th Anniversary Reunion" in Hilton Head, South Carolina. SEA2C Co-Founders, Kirk and Rachel, along with fellow Vietnam War adoptee Dan Brown made the journey to personally honor some amazing Vietnam Veterans and show them our gratitude for their service. This reunion consisted of Marine Corp Vietnam War Veterans that served in the DaNang area of Vietnam 1968-1970. These Veterans were part of the helicopter squadrons, HMM/VMM-263, HMM/VMM-364 and HMM/VMM-262 whose mission was in part to fly rescue missions and medical evacuations of the wounded out of battle zone, while at many times, under heavy fire. Some of their missions also included helping relocate Vietnamese citizens out of hot war zones in remote rural locations around the area of DaNang in Central Vietnam.

Words cannot adequately describe the incredible experience that it was to meet dozens of Veterans that frequented the orphanages in their duty area where they helped administer medical care and playtime to the orphans of the war. Hearing their stories and in some cases comparing memories that were created 50 years ago was at times heart wrenching yet healing at the same time. A very special thanks goes out to Richard Borcicky for connecting us with this amazing group of heroes and for their service and sacrifices that each one of them made for us to have the lives we live. A heartfelt "Thank You" goes out to all of them, and to all of them we say "Welcome Home".

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