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Rachel was born in DaNang, Vietnam in 1973. She was given up for adoption by her Vietnamese grandmother, who wanted Rachel to have a better life than what her biological family could provide at the time. She spent time at Sacred Heart Orphanage in DaNang and To Am Nursery in Saigon, before being adopted as a one year old by her family, who were living in Connecticut at the time, and still do.


She grew up in Connecticut, has lived in Manhattan and London, and currently resides in the coastal community of Rye, New York.  Rachel graduated summa cum laude from the University of Connecticut with a BA in Economics and has an MBA from Yale University’s School of Management with a concentration in finance and non-profit management. She has worked in finance and non-profit management and currently works as a Senior Analyst for Kinneret Group, a New York based private investment firm.


While Rachel has always known that she was born in Vietnam, she assumed that her biological family perished in the war. In 2017, Rachel took a DNA test which linked her to a family she never knew she had, including her birth mother, who still lives in Vietnam and whom she reunited with in 2018 and her half-sister, who immigrated to New Jersey in the 1990’s.


Since finding her birth family, Rachel has been active in the Vietnamese adoptee community and is passionate about paying forward the blessings in her life through the SEA2C Foundation’s programs.

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