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Intersections” is a multi-season documentary style series that explores the lives of the "Children of the Dust"; a derogatory term coined by the Vietnamese government during the Vietnam War to refer to the Amerasian children born in Vietnam during the war and whom were in many cases, orphaned and adopted into families around the world. The series also shares the stories of the men, women, and military service members that helped shape their lives. 


These are their stories... unscripted, raw, and in their own words. 


“Intersections” is currently produced in house as a part of the Multimedia Influence and Education Program of SEA2C. This program is is operated by a volunteer force of multiple award winning film makers, photojournalist, and multimedia professionals with storied backgrounds in cinematography and journalism.


The series is Directed by Vietnam War Amerasian adoptee, Kirk Kellerhals, and is hosted and narrated by Vietnam War Amerasian adoptee, Canh Oxelson.

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