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The Avenue of Honor


To honor our military service members both past and present, we are presenting the opportunity for you to publicly recognize a family member and/or friend along the Avenue of Honor, while at the same time helping us raise funds for programs that give back to our active-duty military personnel and Veterans that are struggling emotionally with the effects of being in combat.


For a $100 donation, an 18"x24" sign bearing your honorees name and their military branch of service logo will be placed along the Avenue of Honor to recognize their honorable service in the United States Armed Forces.


For active-duty service members, their names will be printed in BLUE lettering, Veterans names will be printed in RED and for those that served  and have since passed, will be printed in GOLD.  The signs will be yours to collect and keep following the event.

The Avenue of Honor is on both the 5K and 10K race course and is nearly 1 mile long. It runs on East Beach Drive between 27th Bay Street and the 21st Bay Street Beach Access.

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