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RUSS Fulmore
Writer / Executive  Producer

Russ Fulmore is an award winning content creator. Dramas, and comedies with a hint ofscience fiction are his preferred genres. He gets excited about the process of world building. He has written the award winning web series SOUL of the Family and directed the indie feature film, And You Call Yourself A Christian. He has two documentaries and a docuseries scheduled for release in late 2021 to early 2022 and also has two reality TV pilots in development. Russ holds an MFA in creative writing from Full Sail University.


Producer / Director of Photography

Stunt Double for Eamonn Walker

There are three things Darnell E. Evans (D.E.Evans) loves the most in this world, God, family, and the art of filmmaking.  Starting at an early age understanding his love for visual storytelling by writing stories for visual novels, to his high school years discovering his love for reading and writing poetry, Darnell knew he had a gift.  It was further confirmed when a spiritual experience led him to his true gift, filmmaking.  Since that day, day in and day out, the artistry of film has been on his mind with a constant drive to always learn to perfect his craft.  It is no wonder he has been in the industry for over twenty years with eight feature films (four released on Amazon Prime and the other four in post-production), television shows that has been shown on Sky4 TV, Wynn Network, and  Cox, as well as countless other films/videos that range from music videos, corporate videos, documentaries, and training videos.
    As an award-winning director and cinematographer, Darnell's skills and talents make him the complete filmmaker.  He is also a writer, video editor, colorist, and vfx artist.  He also does sound design and motion graphics.
    Currently D.E.Evans works at the Virginia Beach Fire Department heading the multimedia unit.  Here, he has brought a more cinematic approach to the training video as well as corporate videos, PSA’s and films.  Big productions he has worked on in the fire department has been with the United Way, Virginia Fire Rescue Chief’s Conference, as well as Every 15 Minutes.  The Virginia Beach Fire Department has an incredible reputation worldwide due to the high quality content that is produced.  Outside of the fire department, Darnell is a co-owner of his own production company, 3rd Shift Entertainment Group where he has helped produce films and videos for YWCA, Urban League, Hurrah Players, and Cox 11 with the most notable productions being the feature film “And You Call Yourself A Christian”, the Hurrah Players “Black Girl Magic'', and “Precinct 757”.  
    With a spiritual-led drive and a never-ending hunger to continue to learn and get better, even after twenty plus years of professional experience in video production and accolades, Darnell believes he is just getting started.  The sky has no limit to his talents and skills and what he can accomplish.


Cinematographer / Editor

Kevin Romm is an Emmy-Award-Winning Photojournalist at WAVY-TV, where he has covered local news since 2018. Kevin specializes in long-form content    and documentary-style investigations. He was born and raised in Virginia Beach with a deep respect for the military community and veterans. He was introduced to the Intersections project through his job at WAVY-TV, and was inspired by the incredible stories the adoptees and veterans from Vietnam had to share. With a passion for storytelling and a love of history, Kevin was eager to join the team and help the voice of the Amerasian adoptee community be heard

ZORA Mai Quỳnh

Writer /Producer /Research

Zora Mai Quỳnh is a Vietnamese American dancer, performance artist, and writer whose short stories, essays, and poetry has appeared in Ploughshares, Vice Terraform, Masque & Spectacle, Kweli Journal, Strange Horizons, Glittership, and in the Anthologies: The SEA is Ours, Genius Loci: The Spirit of Place, People of Color Destroy Science Fiction, and Luminescent Threads - Connections to Octavia Butler. Zora is the winner of the 2021 San Francisco Foundation Nomadic Press Literary Award. Zora has received scholarships to attend the Kweli International Literary Festival, Martha's Vineyard Institute of Creative Writing, VONA, Writing The Other, and the Bread Loaf Writers’ Workshop. Zora is a frequent book reviewer and essayist for diaCRITICS ( on all things ARVN (the Army of the Republic of Vietnam). You can find Zora sipping boba at or at @zmquynh on twitter, facebook, and instagram.


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