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 "Together we can face challenges as deep as the ocean and

as high as the sky"

Sonia Gandhi

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Yes...we know how "life" is spelled, but we are looking at life from a different perspective because it's all about the "why"...not the "I".  There’s no denying it. Thinking about and dreaming of the ocean brings us both joy and calmness, and truly soothes the soul. In times of stress, we turn to the ocean for it’s for words of wisdom.  The ocean reminds us of our strength and resilience, and our love and vulnerabilities. They help us to weather tough times and challenges, knowing

calmer seas will soon replace the storm.

The "Beach Lyfe" program of SEA2C is based in the Hampton Roads Region of Coastal Virginia on the

Mid-Atlantic Seaboard of the United States. 

The program provides an outlet for active duty  military combat personnel and Veterans to leave the emotional scars sustained from the horrors of war, on the shoreline in a safe, fun, and confidential environment and become fully immersed in the therapeutic benefits of saltwater therapy and coastal living. 

Thanks to an army of compassionate volunteers and businesses, the gratitude we have for the service and sacrifices of our military combat veterans is conveyed through programs that.. provides free access to coastal water activities including, but not limited to; surfing, paddle boarding, fishing charters, boating, etc.

to program beneficiaries.

Provides no, to low-cost beach home vacation rentals (supported by in kind donations from Air BNB owners).

This program is also used as a backdrop to facilitate family reunions and gatherings for beneficiaries of the Foundation's 

Reunification and Connections programs.









Want to help make a difference and become a SEA2C Beach Lyfe Program Sponsor?

Contact Kirk at to get on board!

Learn more about the "Why" behind our Beach Lyfe Program

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