Provide, healing, hope, and connections


SEA2C helps connect Vietnam War era adoptees searching for their birth families through the use of science, "DNA Detectives", DNA test kit distribution and collection events both domestically and abroad,as well as connect fellow adoptees through social media connections. 

We also collaborate with other organizations that share the same missions of reunification and connections.


Living the "Beach Lyfe". Yes...we know how "life" is spelled, but we are looking at life from a different perspective because it's

all about the "why"...not the "I".

Due to the geographic coastal location of SEA2C headquarters on the US Eastern Seaboard,beneficiaries have access to coastal water activities including, but not limited to surfing, paddle boarding, fishing charters, boating, at not cost to them. 

The Beach Lyfe program helps lay out a relaxing, fun, safe, and confidential environment for active duty military combat personnel

and Veterans of not only the war in Vietnam,

but of all wars, who are suffering emotionally 

from the effects of being in combat. 

It's about giving back, to those that have given so much

in the name of freedom.


We share compelling inspirational stories about

the lives of Vietnam War era adoptees and how

it has impacted the direction of their lives. 

Sharing these stories conveys messages of

hope, faith, forgiveness, resilience, and healing. 

We educate the audience to the many unseen nuances and perspectives of

the Vietnam War and post war life from the perspective of

adoptees and the Military service members that served in the war

and formed connections with some of the featured individuals.  

Varying story lines include, but are not be limited to living the life of 

Vietnam War era  adoptees, many of which are Amerasians,

searching for and reuniting with lost birth family members,

connecting with other similar adoptees, and the connections many of them have

to the military service members that served in the Vietnam War.